Ruby Slipper Chronicles

The Ruby Slipper Chronicles is a newly created cabaret show featuring the indelible Aurelie Roque.  Initially workshopped in December of 2015 with Trevor Ashley, the 3 song/10 minute mini cabaret was initially performed as a sneak peek and concept piece.  After its performance at THE GREENROOM PROJECT on the Gold Coast, it received enough acclaim to develop it further.

One year later, it was brought to the States, under the name ‘Emerald Exile’, and fleshed out into a full fledged show. Produced by The Unconventional Me, and staged with just a piano (manned by the incomparable Tim Braselton), it sold out for it’s one night only event.

Under the watchful and talented eye of music director Luke Volker, The Ruby Slipper Chronicles is now making its international debut.  We are proud to announce this show’s first viewing in Brisbane, with plans to eventually tour the show throughout many cities in Australia.

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